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The Art of Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is the art of capturing the spirit of the wedding, the tears and laughter, and the raw, sheer emotion that surfaces whenever two people get married. The wedding photographer gets to see people at their most intimate and has the daunting task of capturing those special magical moments – which can elevate the wedding photography to the next level!

In addition to being breathtakingly beautiful, the wedding photos should essentially tell the story of someone’s wedding day – it should help the couples to re-live the special moments of the most important day in their lives!

The biggest challenge for the wedding photographer is to work with models that they barely know, wearing dresses that they did not pick, and shooting under uncertain lighting conditions that are beyond their control, and all the while watching the minutes between the ceremony and the reception fly by!

A successful photographer will attempt to be more “emotionally tuned in” to his/her subjects and surroundings – which can help to capture those magical moments on a consistent basis rather than by accident. By paying attention to the client, they can identify what their client wants and use their client’s inner emotion insights to give the client the final product they will cherish forever. There should not be any time limits on the photo sessions with the bride and groom – as it sometimes takes several hours to understand what really excites the couples and what gets them going!

The wedding photographer also has to have his/her own personal distinctive style – and should always push themselves to try new styles; to experiment with new ideas; to see and do things differently; to react differently; and to keep their unique and distinctive styles evolving. Only by re-inventing themselves periodically, to make sure they keep ahead of the game, can the wedding photographer capture magical photos on the day of the wedding!

Finally, a good photographer might not be the right photographer for every couple. It is far more important that a couple hire the photographer they like and will be comfortable with – only then will the couple be happy with the final outcome!

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