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Image Enhancement Services

At COSLGraphics, we provide professional Photo Enhancement services, with the objective of improving the overall quality of the image. Image Enhancement service falls in the subtle end of the Photo Editing scale, and the service ranges from improving specific areas of an image (i.e. spot removal, etc.) to the subtle insertion of images/objects in a picture to create additional impact.

Our professional Image Enhancement services can enhance the sharpness, contrast, light composition and overall quality of your image to give your photos a professional look. Our professional experts can edit all aspects of your images, including brightness and contrast, colour saturation and balance, density of images, rebuilding backgrounds, cropping, noise and distortions in images, image blending, along with other advanced photo editing services.

  • Remove tears, stains, creases, scratches, folds etc.
  • Restore faded tones and colours to their original look
  • Enhancement/repairing of damaged old photographs by removing/changing
  • unwanted/defective areas
  • Correct colour shifts and removal of warm/cold tones
  • Accentuate highlights and bring out details
  • Transform black and white to duo-tones, trio-tones
  • Re-colour photographs to your specifications
  • Combine 2 or more images
  • Add/remove objects and people
  • Enhance sharpness, contrast, brightness
  • Photo & Document Restoration
  • Perspective correction
  • Digital Colouring
  • Glamorize Picture
  • Photo Editing and Effects
  • Photo Alterations / Manipulations

At COSLGraphics, we use advanced photo enhancement techniques and technology to provide the best photo enhancement services. We are always exploring new and innovative ways to provide the best possible photo enhancement services at reasonable prices.

Our clients for photo enhancement services are varied and diversified, including Modeling Agencies/Photographers, Advertising Agencies, Publishing Houses, Printing and Jewelry Industries, etc.

Our Image enhancement services can convert amateur images into professional ones, and at the same time make professional photos appear flawless!