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Image Clipping Services

At COSLGraphics, we provide professional Image Clipping Path, Photoshop Outlining, Image Masking and Image Cut-out services for both Industrial and professional photographers and creative businesses, including Graphic Design, DTP, Printing and Publishing houses, Advertising Agencies, Web Developers, Fashion houses, Lithographers/Prepress, Catalogue Printing Companies, On-line Retailers/E-commerce businesses, Real Estate Companies, etc.

Our highly skilled Photoshop editors/designers are expert at masking, clipping, cropping or separating your main image from unwanted objects with minimum anchor points/nodes, and without missing the minutest details in the picture! We use latest technology and software, and work with all image formats. We provide 100% manual Photoshop Clipping Paths using pen tools and the hand drawn Photoshop clipping path creations are critical pre-press tasks in many designing and specialty graphic production jobs.

If you need to crop out a certain part of your image, or want to use a particular portion of your image, or want to edit the image background, etc., you can count on our specialized professional team atCOSLGraphics to provide the most reliable and accurate image cropping and photo knockout services at highly affordable prices and with fast turnaround time.