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Portrait Enhancement Services

At COSLGraphics, we provide highly professional portrait enhancement services in quick turnaround time. Our photo retouching professionals/artists are highly expert, and use latest digital photo retouching tools, including cropping and composition tools, to build depth and remove unwanted objects from the picture. Our professional team is also expert in Colour Correction, Colour Cast removal, density correction, and removal of blemishes, spots, red eyes, etc., from your portraits to deliver highly professional looking portraits every time.

Some of the specialized Portrait Enhancement services we provide include:

  • Adding / removing Objects / Backgrounds from Portraits
  • Add Background Border
  • Glare & Red Eye removal
  • Masking/ Clipping Path
  • Reflection Effects
  • Motion Effects
  • Extreme Photo Retouching

At COSLGraphics, our professional high quality Portrait Enhancement service makes a portrait much better than the original!