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The Art of Wedding Album Design

The Album Designing process actually begins with photographer’s first shot! From the very first shot, the photographer must shoot with the album design in mind!

There are various factors that influence a good Wedding Album design. A well designed Wedding Album will engage and enthrall the audiences in such a way that they are momentarily transformed to a dream land – a fantasy unfolding before their very own eyes. A well designed Wedding Album should be a seamless journey captivating the unique and beautiful moments of the special day – as captured through the lens of the wedding photographer.

Before the Album designing process can begin, the photographer and/or the client should decide on the style of the Album design – i.e. would they prefer Modern / Contemporary style; Traditional/Classic style; or a mix of both!

Once the Album Style is selected, and the number of spreads to be included in the Album is finalized by the client, can the real Album designing process start. However, before the creative designing process can truly begin, there is another laborious task that needs to be performed carefully – that is, the images provided by the photographer / client needs to be sequenced (i.e. arranging the images in chronological order) and sorted by spreads (i.e. images are grouped by spreads – based on their harmonious relationship to each other and). Ideally, the client/photographer would provide the sequenced images, organized by spreads layout!

The creative designer involved in the Album designing process then uses the concept of Space, Optical Line, Colour and Textures to  effectively design the Wedding albums in the client’s preferred style – keeping the deigns within the specified no of spreads. The designer also uses various types of designing tools, i.e. vectors, elements, colour tones, specials effects, texts, etc, to create the Wedding Album designing experience that is truly magical masterpiece.

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