At Creative Outsourcing Solutions Ltd., we provide one-stop cost-effective solutions to the outsourcing needs of our clients.
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Database Management Services

At COSL, we provide tailor made database solutions and directories suitable for different industry segments. Our database solutions can function as a critical business intelligence tool, which can be used for initiating customer focused sales and marketing campaigns.

Our database management services involves Database creation (using  telephone surveys, Internet research, Mail Survey, and Internet surveys); Mailing List development services; Data extraction from the web (to MS-Excel sheet or any database – as per client requirement); and Data authentication service (checking for data completeness, data correction, data consistency etc.).


Print to Mail Services

At COSL, we can also take care of all your printing and mailing service requirements. You provide us the file, and we will print professional looking mails/printouts, using high end heavy duty printers and mail/courier the same to the list of recipients provided by you. You can use our Print to Mail services for dispatching Customer Survey forms, Marketing Communication letters, Invoice & Bill copies, etc.


Online Catalogue / e-Publishing / e-Book Services

COSL provides you professional on-line catalog services for your successful on-line business. For a successful on-line business, you need to have a professionally designed on-line catalog. Expert team at COSL is available for designing, hosting and maintenance of your on-line catalog. Our professional team is always on line to monitor and update your on-line catalog for you.

At COSL, we also provide extensive e-Publishing / e-Book Services, ranging from Digital Archiving of the back issues of your publications to a complete range of DTP services. Some of the e-publishing services we provide includes content capture, conversion, multi type formatting, cross-referencing, XML tagging, handling of art work, and other desktop publication services. We can also assist you to publish your documentation on the Web, Intra-net or CD-Rom for your internal and external clients, as well as help you to convert your existing publications into electronic formats.

Whether you are a large publication firm or a small enterprise, our extensive range of highly competitive e-publishing services will cater to all your requirements.


Research and Analysis Services

At COSL, our experienced research team is well equipped to provide in-depth cost effective research services with quick turnaround capabilities. Some of the research services we provide includes:

•    Questionnaire Designing, printing and distribution services 
•    Market Profiling /Market Sizing analysis/ Market Segmentation and Feasibility Studies/ etc.
•    Competitive Intelligence surveys
•    Consumer Insight research / Consumer Survey Reports (i.e. Customer Satisfaction Surveys, etc.)
•    Brand and Product related research (incl. New Product Concept testing, etc.)
•    Social & Development Research
•    Market Research /Medical Research /Financial Research / Industrial Research/ etc.
•    Opinion Polls / Tracking Studies
•    Media & Communications Research, including Advertising Research, Media Studies, etc.
•    BDS including B2B studies
•    Database Mining and maintenance surveys, etc.

Our team of researchers has expertise in both web and desk based secondary research. Press Releases, Newspaper and Magazine articles, published Research Papers, Government’s published Statistical/Demographics data, and Intelligence Reports, etc. forms the basis of our secondary research services. Based on the on-line research findings, our research team performs rigorous analysis of the data/information before presenting the findings to you in the requested report format.

In addition to the Secondary & On-line Research, our team also specializes in conducting surveys, including Telephone surveys, website/e-mail surveys, exit/intercept interviews, etc. Our stringent quality control systems and processes help us to deliver authentic and accurate findings every time.

We follow very simple research methodology, involving problem definition, data collection and analysis. It’s the client’s objectives that determine our methodology, not our preferences. We encourage our client’s participation in every stage of the commissioned research project.

We use wide range of analytical tools, including:  INSIGHT / REFLECTOR / SPSS / C++ / VB / MapInfo, etc., supported by State of the art computing network and connectivity


Market Research

To develop effective business strategy, you need to undertake extensive primary and secondary market research to evaluate your market demand and potential. By outsourcing your Market research requirements to COSL, you can have access to reliable and authentic information (including the most sought after data on the internet); extensive data mining capabilities; and fast turnaround time. At COSL, we develop research plan and objective; define the scope of work; and after collecting and analyzing information we present the findings to our clients in the requested format.


Financial Research

At COSL, our highly experienced financial researchers are capable of providing a wide range of Financial Research Services, including financial and banking research, financial statement analysis, industrial financial research, economic research, etc. Our Financial Research service will provide you with valuable data which will have a positive impact on your company performance and earnings.


Pharmaceutical Research

Pharmaceutical research is relatively expensive and complicated research to undertake. COSL has made this complicated and expensive research affordable and easily accessible. All you have to do is outsource your Pharmaceutical research requirements to us, and our well qualified team will ensure high quality standard service at an affordable price. Our pharmaceutical researchers are expert in Medical writing, Database creation, Text and numerical data mining, data analysis, market share and prescription analysis, and other brand related and medical practitioner's surveys.


Writing Services

At Creative Outsourcing Solutions Limited, our team of expert writers, editors and proof readers can provide you with the best writing, editing and proofreading services at cost effective prices and fast turnaround time.

Our writing team strictly adheres to the creative, linguistic requirements and deadlines set by you.

Writing Services

At COSL, we have a talented team of creative writers who understands your needs and can best provide you with cost effective and creative writing solutions to meet your requirements.

We provide various writing services, including content creation services for novels, short stories, etc.; copy-writing services; research writing; ghostwriting articles/essays, etc.; blog writing; web content writing services; creative writing for promotional materials; magazine/newsletter write ups; technical document writing; and other writing related services.

If you are looking to outsource your writing requirements, please feel free to contact us for a free quotation.

Editing / Proofreading Services

At Creative Outsourcing Solutions Limited, our editors/proofreaders have the required linguistic skills to make your document concise and professional. They also have the necessary creative skills and expertise to provide valuable inputs to your document (should you require) to improve the overall professional writing quality of the document.

Our expert editors are well poised to rewrite and/or restructure your documents to provide clarity and professional feel to the document. The copy editing services we provide at COSL involves modifying/revamping the theme and style of the document content; updating the information in the document; making the document error free by correcting the spelling and grammatical errors; etc.

The editing services we provide includes: Substantive Editing (involves overall document editing at paragraph, chapter and book level); Line Editing (improves overall readability of the document by using correct syntax, words and expressions, as well as correcting spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors); Copy editing (involves basic correction of spelling, grammatical, punctuation and syntax errors in the document); Content Editing (involves correction of the general accuracy and consistency of the sentences in the document).

Type of documents we edit includes: Thesis, Books, Novels, Essays, Technical documents, Tutorials and Training Materials, etc.; Publicity Materials, Brochures, Flyers, Catalogues, etc.; News paper Articles, Educational Articles, Press Releases, Journal Articles, etc.; Direct Mail Content, E-magazines, Newsletters, etc.; Corporate Communication, Annual Reports, etc.

At COSL, we also provide a wide range of Proofreading services, including on-line proof reading, legal proofreading, transcription proofreading, report/essay proofreading, thesis proofreading, business communications proofreading, website proofreading, etc.

As part of our proofreading services, we undertake the following activities: correct spelling mistakes, grammatical errors; check headings and sub-headings, typeface consistency, page numbering, chapter numbering, numbered lists, etc.; check accuracy/appropriateness of tables, figures, images, etc.; check table of contents, chapter numbers, etc,; review and verify quotations; etc.

By outsourcing your editing/proofreading work to us, you are ensured of getting high quality, time bound, cost effective and accurate editing/proofreading services that will significantly enhance the feel and the quality of your document!



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