At Creative Outsourcing Solutions Ltd., we provide one-stop cost-effective solutions to the outsourcing needs of our clients.
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Design Services

At Creative Outsourcing Solutions Limited, we convert your thought processes into effective designs. We have a team of creative designers, including professional graphic designers, creative illustrators and skilled photographers, who are ready to offer you the best design solutions at an affordable price and in the shortest possible time.

Outsourcing your design requirements to us will ensure effective communication of your company/product/service values to your existing and potential clients in the most creative and cost-effective manner.

Please remember, you never get a second chance to make the First Impression!

Corporate Identity Designing

Professionally designed Corporate Identity gives company creditability and brand recall value, and is definitely one of the most valuable assets of a company.

Our Professional Creative team at COSL can provide you with highly creative Corporate Identity designs at competitive prices and in fast turnaround time - that will definitely help your company stand out in the crowd!

At COSL, we can create strong brand identity for your company/business by effectively communicating the intrinsic and extrinsic values of your company/business to your existing and potential clients - through the use of logo/trademark, business card, letterheads, envelope, and other stationery items. Our creative team mainly uses Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create corporate brand identity.

If you are in the lookout for a professional corporate identity design service provider to create / revamp your brand/corporate identity and/or stationary items, please feel free to contact us for a free quotation.



Print Services

At Creative Outsourcing Solutions Limited we have the expertise, both in terms of skilled resources and infrastructure, to provide you with a wide range of designing and printing services - including printing of catalogues, brochures, leaflets, posters/banners, business cards, business identity cards, letter heads, envelopes, cards, newsletters, stationery, posters, custom printing services, etc.

At COSL, we maintain strategic alliances with other printers who support the print outsourcing industry segment, in order to provide our clients with one-stop service for a wide range of cost effective printing services which is at par with industry standards.

Working in partnership with COSL will help to ensure success for your business. We have the expertise and resources to turn any printing assignment into a well-executed solution that is delivered accurately, within budget and time frame every time. No matter how complex your project may be, COSL can add value to your business and act as your company's single-point for all outsourced printing work.

Please provide us with your requirements, and we will recommend the best solution that will result in finished products of high standard that meet your business requirements and remain within budget and deadline.

Please contact us for a free quotation.



Advertising Services

At Creative Outsourcing Solutions Limited, we develop unique, creative and attractive advertisement designs that are intended to create maximum impact.

We have an expert advertising team, comprising of talented strategy planners, graphic designers, copywriters and photographers, who can provide you with a comprehensive print media advertising package at an affordable price.

Working in partnership with you, our professional graphics designers are capable of creating the most appealing graphic design solutions to meet all your Newspaper & Magazine advertisement requirements within defined time frame.

Prior to the commencement of the designing work, our clients normally provide us with the following requirements:

  • Creative Brief for the Advertisement
  • Content - Creative Writing (we can also provide creative writing services)
  • Advertisement Layout or Template (we can also provide design layout services)
  • Company Logo & Images (we can also provide visual images)
  • Work Order, including project deadline, etc.

Our pricing strategy is very simple and cost effective - while others charge on per inch basis, we offer per page pricing option.

We endeavor to work with our clients to convert their dreams into reality!



Photo Editing Services

In order to remain competitive in the current economic environment, it has become imperative for Creative Professionals / Companies working with Photos/Images to outsource their routine and time consuming tasks like Photo Editing Services to outsourcing companies.

By outsourcing your photo editing services to us, you let yourself focus more on the creative process rather than occupying your valuable resources on mundane technicalities.

At Creative Outsourcing Solutions Limited, we strive to provide high quality services at reasonable cost and quick turnaround time. We provide various professional Photo Editing services at attractive prices and quick turnaround time. We work with a wide variety of image formats, including JPEG, TIFF, PSD, GIF, PNG, PGF, RAW, raw digital files, etc. If required, we can also convert images and files from one format to another.

Some of the broad Photo Editing services we offer are as follows:

  • Image Enhancement Services
  • Image Clipping Services
  • Portrait Enhancement Services
  • Image & Photo manipulation Services
  • Panoramic Image Services

Our team of qualified and expert designers and artists, along with our highly trained customer care team with excellent communication skills, ensures high level of client satisfaction every time.

We are fully commitment to providing highest quality Photo Editing services to our clients. In this regard, we have stringent quality control systems in place – as quality is our foremost concern! After our designers complete and double check the work, it is sent to our Quality Control manager for quality checks and only after the image passes the quality inspection stage do we forward the image to our client.

We also ensure confidentiality and security of the image files we work on, by ensuring image file is transferred through our secured FTP servers, Web uploads or via e-mails, and by ensuring no unauthorized person has access to the image files.

Our standard turnaround time is 24 hours, however, the turnaround time can be as low as 6 hours depending on the volume and complexity of the work.

Please contact us for our free trial offer – to help you evaluate our efficiency and quality of work!


Image Enhancement Services

At Creative Outsourcing Solutions Limited, we provide professional Photo Enhancement services, with the objective of improving the overall quality of the image. Image Enhancement service falls in the subtle end of the Photo Editing scale, and the service ranges from improving specific areas of an image (i.e. spot removal, etc.) to the subtle insertion of images/objects in a picture to create additional impact.

Our professional Image Enhancement services can enhance the sharpness, contrast, light composition and overall quality of your image to give your photos a professional look. Our professional experts can edit all aspects of your images, including brightness and contrast, colour saturation and balance, density of images, rebuilding backgrounds, cropping, noise and distortions in images, image blending, along with other advanced photo editing services.

Some of the specialized Photo Enhancement services we provide include:

  • Remove tears, stains, creases, scratches, folds etc.
  • Restore faded tones and colours to their original look
  • Enhancement/repairing of damaged old photographs by removing/changing unwanted/defective areas
  • Correct colour shifts and removal of warm/cold tones
  • Accentuate highlights and bring out details
  • Transform black and white to duo-tones, trio-tones
  • Re-colour photographs to your specifications
  • Combine 2 or more images
  • Add/remove objects and people
  • Enhance sharpness, contrast, brightness
  • Photo & Document Restoration
  • Perspective correction
  • Digital Colouring
  • Glamorize Picture
  • Photo Editing and Effects
  • Photo Alterations / Manipulations

At COSL, we use advanced photo enhancement techniques and technology to provide the best photo enhancement services. We are always exploring new and innovative ways to provide the best possible photo enhancement services at reasonable prices.

Our clients for photo enhancement services are varied and diversified, including Modeling Agencies/Photographers, Advertising Agencies, Publishing Houses, Printing and Jewelry Industries, etc.

Our Image enhancement services can convert amateur images into professional ones, and at the same time make professional photos appear flawless!


Image Clipping Services

At Creative Outsourcing Solutions Ltd., we provide professional Image Clipping Path, Photoshop Outlining, Image Masking and Image Cut-out services for both Industrial and professional photographers and creative businesses, including Graphic Design, DTP, Printing and Publishing houses, Advertising Agencies, Web Developers, Fashion houses, Lithographers/Prepress, Catalogue Printing Companies, On-line Retailers/E-commerce businesses, Real Estate Companies, etc.

Our highly skilled Photoshop editors/designers are expert at masking, clipping, cropping or separating your main image from unwanted objects with minimum anchor points/nodes, and without missing the minutest details in the picture! We use latest technology and software, and work with all image formats. We provide 100% manual Photoshop Clipping Paths using pen tools, and the hand drawn Photoshop clipping path creations are critical pre-press tasks in many designing and specialty graphic production jobs.

If you need to crop out a certain part of your image, or want to use a particular portion of your image, or want to edit the image background, etc., you can count on our specialized professional team at COSL to provide the most reliable and accurate image cropping and photo knockout services at highly affordable prices and with fast turnaround time.



Portrait Enhancement

At COSL, we provide highly professional portrait enhancement services in quick turnaround time. Our photo retouching professionals/artists are highly expert, and use latest digital photo retouching tools, including cropping and composition tools, to build depth and remove unwanted objects from the picture. Our professional team is also expert in Colour Correction, Colour Cast removal, density correction, and removal of blemishes, spots, red eyes, etc., from your portraits to deliver highly professional looking portraits every time.

Some of the specialized Portrait Enhancement services we provide include:

  • Adding / removing Objects / Backgrounds from Portraits
  • Add Background Border
  • Glare & Red Eye removal
  • Masking/ Clipping Path
  • Reflection Effects
  • Motion Effects
  • Extreme Photo Retouching
  • Glamour Photo Retouching
  • Portrait effects
  • High End Fashion Photo Retouching
  • Photo Editing And Retouching
  • Photo Finishing Services
  • Wedding Photo Retouching
  • Black And White Photo Retouching
  • Retouch Old Portraits

At COSL, our professional high quality Portrait Enhancement service makes a portrait much better than the original!


Image & Photo manipulation

At Creative Outsourcing Solutions Limited, we have an expert team to work on image & photo manipulation services to deliver professionally enhanced and/or corrected image using analog or digital techniques. Our Image Manipulation service encompasses all possible editing work that can be carried out to make a photo or an image match your requirements.

Image manipulation is usually carried out by altering the elements of the photo and can be either subtle, involving alteration of clothing colour, etc., or extreme where the image has little or no resemblances to the original photo or image. We provide wide range of image & photo manipulation services, including converting images to pencil sketches and to cartoons; super imposing images or persons in photos/images; change the background of your images to make it more attractive; remove unwanted objects and replace them with desired items; cropping and enlarging elements within an image; etc.

Our cost effective and creative image & photo manipulation service is delivered in the shortest possible time and with full satisfaction guaranteed.

At COSL, we provide creative ideas and solutions to satisfy your Image & Photo manipulation needs!

Vector Conversion

We can convert any Logo, Artwork, Illustration, Stencils, Maps, Signs, Crests, Decal designs, Badges, Patches, Photographs, Race Cars, Paintings, Caricatures and Cartoons etc. to hand drawn vector photo. Software used are CorelDraw / Illustrator / Freehand.

Expert artists redraw your raster jpg / bmp blurred photo to vector format. No automated software used to create the vector- which would mean, minimum vector nodes, lower photo sizes, no overlapping cut lines, and files ready for print production / plotting / etching

We also offer services like outline photos and photos silo to convert your photos into high quality vector.

Pop Art

We can covert your pictures and artworks into Andy Warhol Pop Art style; Pop Art Lich Style; and Pop Art Retro styles.

We have expert artists who can convert your photo into pop art based on your requirements.

You just have to choose the custom size and layout of Pop art and our expert Pop Art Artists will turn your photos into Pop Art.

We also offer various Panel Pop Art styles, including One Panel Pop Art, Four Panel Pop Art, Five Panel Pop Art, Six Panel Pop Art, Nine Panel Pop Art and Ultra Panel Pop Art.


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