At Creative Outsourcing Solutions Ltd., we provide one-stop cost-effective solutions to the outsourcing needs of our clients.
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Custom Software Development

At Creative Outsourcing Solutions Limited, we provide custom software development solutions to the outsourced software development requirements of Small to Medium sized Enterprises and businesses (SMEs). Working in partnership with our clients, we help our clients gain competitive edge in the challenging and dynamic IT industry sector. Our policy of upholding the highest standard of business ethics, coupled with our strong commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction, makes us an ideal partner for providing outsourcing solutions to all your value-added custom software development requirements.

Our in-depth industry expertise; state of the art technology; strong project management skills and expertise; quick turnaround time; competitive pricing strategy; experienced manpower; and effective customer service focus has helped us to achieve operational expertise at par with industry standards. We ensure significant cost savings for our clients!

At Creative Outsourcing Solutions Limited, our team of expert software developers provide end-to-end solution for R&D; Software Architecture; development, deployment and maintenance of advanced software development projects. Some of the Custom Software Development services we provide include:

  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Application Security Integration
  • Desktop Application
  • Database Design, Integration and Migration
  • Database Application Design
  • .NET Application Pattern and Architecture.
  • Service Oriented System Design
  • Custom Programming
  • Customized ERP solutions
  • Web Development
  • Software Testing
  • Test Management
  • Test Process Assessment / Improvement
  • Test Automation
  • Application Performance Management

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Services:

Creative Outsourcing Solutions Ltd. has been providing professionally skilled Virtual Assistant support to our valued clients successfully, with the core objective of ensuring client satisfaction. Our Virtual Assistants are well trained and flexible and can ensure quick and accurate turnaround of the assigned work. We believe that understanding your requirement is the core function of the Virtual Assistants and quality output is the consequence of that understanding. Based on specific needs and requirements of our clients, we try to assign the best match from our pool of talented, multitasking and versatile Virtual Assistants.

Our Virtual Assistants will work with you at your comfortable time zone, and you can communicate with your assigned virtual assistant during working hours through e-mail, skype, SMS, IM or phone as per your convenience. At COSL, our Virtual Assistant service is a Cost-effective and efficient solution as the hourly rate you pay is much lower than USA or Europe. In addition, you do not need to worry about any other employee management issues like, Recruitment process cost, Health Insurance, office space, furniture cost, transportation cost, home allowances, Festival Bonus, etc!

We have robust internet and power supply infrastructure with full backups, including redundant internet lines and power backups, to ensure uninterrupted services at all times. Moreover, we have stringent systems and processes in place to ensure full security of your data and information.

Services that our Virtual Assistants provide:

Some of the support services our Virtual Assistants are capable of providing you are as follows:

On-line Marketing Support

Web support

Administrative Assistant Support

Calling Support

Process Support


Upload Products

Appointment setting

Customer Care

Making Bill


Design Website

Making  presentation

Lead generation

Prepare Invoice


Build a Website

Customer follow up

Outbound call

Book keeping

Email Marketing

Web site Maintenance

Software maintenance

Call taking and forwarding


Link Building

Web Chat support

Upload data on web system

Making telephone calls

Research and Development

Forum Posting.

Web site Contents


Hotel reservation

Preparing Payroll

Article Posting

Online Orders

Information System support

Taking phone orders


Postings in Classified Sites / Publications

CRM Page Maintenance

Data Analysis

Customer Follow up calls

CC Monitoring


How to get started:

We have implemented a very smooth and transparent process for the hiring of a Virtual Assistant, and with the hiring processes in place you can be working with your Virtual Assistant within 24 hours. In case if you are not happy with your assigned virtual assistant, we will provide you with a replacement option or you can opt to cancel the services. There is no legal binding for our Virtual Assistant services and if required you can avail our services on a month to month basis.

The four basic steps involved in the hiring of a Virtual Assistant are as follows:


Data Entry/Data capture Service

For a Data Intensive Company, data entry and management function not only takes up a lot of valuable resources but is also extremely time consuming. Automation has become an essential aspect of modern business, and to ensure effective automation of your business you need to have a well processed data system in place. Outsourcing your data entry/data capture service to us will relieve you of non-essential tasks and help you to focus more on your core competencies.

We have a large pool of highly skilled data entry/capture personnel, who are capable of delivering up to 99% accuracy of work irrespective of the data source format (i.e. hand written / printed documents;  scanned images /electronic document, etc) . We have stringent quality control systems and processes in place (including double key methodology) for data verification and validation - which helps us to deliver the highest level of service quality in quick turnaround time, while, ensuring data security and authenticity.

Our manual data entry work involves typing data from hard copy or image source (example, Tiff, Jpeg, PDF files etc.), while automated data capture involves use of high end commercial scanners for high speed scanning of documents. The scanned output is then reviewed, processed, recognized and captured using the latest solutions / technology, including HCR (Hand print Character Recognition,) ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition), OCR (Optical character recognition), OMR (Optical mark recognition), BCR (Bar-code character recognition), OBR (Optical Braille Recognition), etc. The captured data is further processed, verified and validated with necessary quality control checks before the final output is delivered to you in the format that suits your requirement, including plain text, database, excel, and mark-up languages like HTML, SGML and XML or any other format. In case when it is not possible for automated capture of data due to damaged or machine unreadable forms, we capture the data using manual data entry using double key methods for ensuring maximum accuracy of data.

We provide both on-line and off-line data entry services.    



Data Conversion Service:

Handling different types and formats of data can be problematic and often complex, and can take away a lot of your valuable time as you convert the existing documents/databases from one format to another. At COSL, we provide extensive data conversion services across a wide range of platforms – i.e. PDF, XML, Quark Xpress, MS-Word, HTML etc. By using OCR and HTML conversion software, we can convert large volumes of image or hardcopy files to electronic formats.

We can also convert all your periodicals, journals, reports, catalogs, financial statements in to a standard format of your choice, which can be easily accessed.


Document Scanning, imaging and Indexing Service:

As the paperless office concept gains popularity worldwide, the focus is on digitization of documents to retrieve and share them across the organization with greater speed and efficiency. Scanning, formatting,  indexing, database creation and archiving of important documents not only increases company efficiency and cuts paper management costs, by converting important paper documents into soft copies, but also helps to comply with the mandatory requirements of government and industry regulatory bodies, since electronically preserved documents are highly secured and can be easily retrieved and provide audit trails.

At COSL, we provide extensive Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) service, which will not only  help you to streamline, manage, and control your document life-cycle more efficiently and effectively, but will also put you in total control of your information on demand.

By using state of art document scanners, capable of fast and bulk scanning, we are able to scan high quality images from wide ranging documents - from small documents to large maps or drawings. Our expertise in document capturing, imaging, indexing, categorization and linking services, coupled with our investments in advanced technologies and solutions (including OCR & ICR solutions), we can help you streamline your paper-intensive business processes to manage them more efficiently.  We can replace manual paper processes with instant online data access.

We can provide both on-site and off-site scanning services for outsourced high-volume document management services. Our cost-effective and high quality EDMS service is scalable and provides you with the option to pay as you use.



Backlog Document Management service

Most companies has bulk physical documents stored on or off site in some form or the other, which is not only occupying expensive real estate spaces but is also difficult and time consuming to locate and retrieve. On the other hand, trying to build the necessary infrastructure for in-house archiving of large volume documents can involve high set-up costs, systems integration, and ongoing maintenance and management hassles – all of which can be expensive and time consuming and may require investments in additional resources.

By outsourcing your entire backlog Document Management services to COSL, you can be assured of high quality conversion of your paper documents to electronic images for storage in records management, document management and archive application in the quickest turnaround time - and in to be delivered in the format of your choice, including secured web hosted document archive option.


Forms processing Services

Most organizations and institutions spends a significant amount of money and time each year on processing of forms - be it processing of invoices, account opening forms, insurance claim forms, loan application forms, Admission forms, Market Research / Survey forms, Customer Satisfaction forms, Credit Card applications forms, mobile Subscription Forms, Warranty claim forms, Product Registration Forms, Order Forms, Job applications forms, etc.

As the focus today is on the reduction of costs and better utilization of resources, it makes good business sense to outsource form processing services to us. At COSL, we process all types of paper and electronic forms, using the latest technological innovations in the field of optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent document recognition (IDR) and document capture software.

Today, it is possible to process even semi-structured documents, such as invoices, as quickly and accurately as structured forms. Invoices are captured as digital images from which data is extracted, validated, processed and stored for instant on-screen access. The processed invoice data can also be transferred to ERP and other accounting systems.

For automated forms processing, application processing, and account opening activities it requires various combinations of character recognition technologies, including OCR for machine printed text, ICR for hand printed text and OMR for check boxes and signature box verification.

For loan application processing, our back office captures data from the loan proposals to provide accurate client data and documents that can be directly fed back into your decision-making systems in the shortest possible time – to help your key decision maker access and process the data faster.

For our form processing service, we have developed automated and streamlined end to end process that is not only efficient and accurate, but is also flexible enough to meet individual needs and adapt to the changing requirements of Industry.



Audio/Video Transcription Services

At COSL, we provide a wide range of Transcription Services, covering both Audio and Video Transcriptions. The transcription services we provide include Legal Transcription, Market Research Transcription, Academic Research Transcription, Business Transcription, Medical/Hospital Transcription, Insurance Transcription, amongst others.

Audio Transcription involves converting voice files to text format. Our Audio Transcription services includes transcription of interviews, Focus Group Discussions, conferences, meetings, Legal statements/evidences, medical instructions, secretarial dictations, etc., to Word format text files. For Audio Transcription, we mostly work with digital formats, like .WAV or .MP3 (depending on size of the file).

Video Transcription involves converting videos into PC based video file with streaming video & audio. Once the audio file is transcribed as per client requirement, and gone through stringent quality assurance checks for accuracy and consistency, we will send the video file, the audio file and the original video, along with the word document containing the video transcription to the client. We provide high-quality video transcription services for various types of audio visual videos, including Meetings, Interviews, Seminars, Conference proceedings, Police interview videos, Educational videos/materials, Documentaries, etc. For Video Transcription, we mostly work with digital formats, like .wmv, DVD or .avi files.

Availing our transcription services is very easy and involves simply uploading your audio/video file to our FTP server or to any other server with a link provided to us for accessing the file. You can also e-mail the files to us, provided the file size is relatively small. Once we receive your file, we transcribe it into your preferred format using high-end technology and infrastructure and finally deliver the file to you. If required, we can provide additional value added services, including Editing of the transcribed document (i.e. cleaning/screening out of repetitions, unnecessary words, slangs, habits of speech, etc.); Typesetting; Conversion to PDF format; etc.

In addition to providing cost effective, reliable and accurate transcription services, with quick turnaround time, we are also committed to ensuring customer confidentiality.


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