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Forms processing Services

Most organizations and institutions spends a significant amount of money and time each year on processing of forms - be it processing of invoices, account opening forms, insurance claim forms, loan application forms, Admission forms, Market Research / Survey forms, Customer Satisfaction forms, Credit Card applications forms, mobile Subscription Forms, Warranty claim forms, Product Registration Forms, Order Forms, Job applications forms, etc.

As the focus today is on the reduction of costs and better utilization of resources, it makes good business sense to outsource form processing services to us. At COSL, we process all types of paper and electronic forms, using the latest technological innovations in the field of optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent document recognition (IDR) and document capture software.

Today, it is possible to process even semi-structured documents, such as invoices, as quickly and accurately as structured forms. Invoices are captured as digital images from which data is extracted, validated, processed and stored for instant on-screen access. The processed invoice data can also be transferred to ERP and other accounting systems.

For automated forms processing, application processing, and account opening activities it requires various combinations of character recognition technologies, including OCR for machine printed text, ICR for hand printed text and OMR for check boxes and signature box verification.

For loan application processing, our back office captures data from the loan proposals to provide accurate client data and documents that can be directly fed back into your decision-making systems in the shortest possible time – to help your key decision maker access and process the data faster.

For our form processing service, we have developed automated and streamlined end to end process that is not only efficient and accurate, but is also flexible enough to meet individual needs and adapt to the changing requirements of Industry.