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Audio/Video Transcription Services

At COSL, we provide a wide range of Transcription Services, covering both Audio and Video Transcriptions. The transcription services we provide include Legal Transcription, Market Research Transcription, Academic Research Transcription, Business Transcription, Medical/Hospital Transcription, Insurance Transcription, amongst others.

Audio Transcription involves converting voice files to text format. Our Audio Transcription services includes transcription of interviews, Focus Group Discussions, conferences, meetings, Legal statements/evidences, medical instructions, secretarial dictations, etc., to Word format text files. For Audio Transcription, we mostly work with digital formats, like .WAV or .MP3 (depending on size of the file).

Video Transcription involves converting videos into PC based video file with streaming video & audio. Once the audio file is transcribed as per client requirement, and gone through stringent quality assurance checks for accuracy and consistency, we will send the video file, the audio file and the original video, along with the word document containing the video transcription to the client. We provide high-quality video transcription services for various types of audio visual videos, including Meetings, Interviews, Seminars, Conference proceedings, Police interview videos, Educational videos/materials, Documentaries, etc. For Video Transcription, we mostly work with digital formats, like .wmv, DVD or .avi files.

Availing our transcription services is very easy and involves simply uploading your audio/video file to our FTP server or to any other server with a link provided to us for accessing the file. You can also e-mail the files to us, provided the file size is relatively small. Once we receive your file, we transcribe it into your preferred format using high-end technology and infrastructure and finally deliver the file to you. If required, we can provide additional value added services, including Editing of the transcribed document (i.e. cleaning/screening out of repetitions, unnecessary words, slangs, habits of speech, etc.); Typesetting; Conversion to PDF format; etc.

In addition to providing cost effective, reliable and accurate transcription services, with quick turnaround time, we are also committed to ensuring customer confidentiality.