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Data Entry/Data capture Service

For a Data Intensive Company, data entry and management function not only takes up a lot of valuable resources but is also extremely time consuming. Automation has become an essential aspect of modern business, and to ensure effective automation of your business you need to have a well processed data system in place. Outsourcing your data entry/data capture service to us will relieve you of non-essential tasks and help you to focus more on your core competencies.

We have a large pool of highly skilled data entry/capture personnel, who are capable of delivering up to 99% accuracy of work irrespective of the data source format (i.e. hand written / printed documents;  scanned images /electronic document, etc) . We have stringent quality control systems and processes in place (including double key methodology) for data verification and validation - which helps us to deliver the highest level of service quality in quick turnaround time, while, ensuring data security and authenticity.

Our manual data entry work involves typing data from hard copy or image source (example, Tiff, Jpeg, PDF files etc.), while automated data capture involves use of high end commercial scanners for high speed scanning of documents. The scanned output is then reviewed, processed, recognized and captured using the latest solutions / technology, including HCR (Hand print Character Recognition,) ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition), OCR (Optical character recognition), OMR (Optical mark recognition), BCR (Bar-code character recognition), OBR (Optical Braille Recognition), etc. The captured data is further processed, verified and validated with necessary quality control checks before the final output is delivered to you in the format that suits your requirement, including plain text, database, excel, and mark-up languages like HTML, SGML and XML or any other format. In case when it is not possible for automated capture of data due to damaged or machine unreadable forms, we capture the data using manual data entry using double key methods for ensuring maximum accuracy of data.

We provide both on-line and off-line data entry services.