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How can you ensure my data is protected?


At COSL, we recognize the Importance of data security and confidentiality, and to ensure complete security and protection of your data we have implemented various measures, including adequate backup system, data security policy and business continuity plans. We complete your projects without compromising on data integrity and accuracy!

Some of the processes, procedures and security measures we have introduced to ensure privacy and integrity of client data are as follows:

•    Prior to the commencement of any project, we sign a  Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) with our clients;
•    We have ensured network security through encryptions and firewalls; restricted network access and passwords; etc.
•    We have installed latest anti-virus software both at server and client PC level.
•    We use data encryption method to prevent data leakage while transferring data on-line to and from client. 
•    A daily back-up of the data is taken and stored in a different location from the processing center.
•    We have set up data recovery, disaster recovery and physical recovery plans and policies geared towards ensuring business continuity in case of any unforeseen disasters. 
•    Stringent background checks are carried out for all the employees hired, and they are all made to sign confidentiality agreements before starting work at COSL.
•    We have restricted printing, photocopying or carrying of any external storage devices (i.e. CDs, floppies, USB drives, etc.) by unauthorized employees to prevent breach of security. We have also disabled all external drives in our office to prevent data theft.

Regarding Intellectual Property ownership concerns of the outsourced work, the client holds the copyright and will own the final product along with the source code.