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Document Scanning, imaging and Indexing Service:

As the paperless office concept gains popularity worldwide, the focus is on digitization of documents to retrieve and share them across the organization with greater speed and efficiency. Scanning, formatting,  indexing, database creation and archiving of important documents not only increases company efficiency and cuts paper management costs, by converting important paper documents into soft copies, but also helps to comply with the mandatory requirements of government and industry regulatory bodies, since electronically preserved documents are highly secured and can be easily retrieved and provide audit trails.

At COSL, we provide extensive Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) service, which will not only  help you to streamline, manage, and control your document life-cycle more efficiently and effectively, but will also put you in total control of your information on demand.

By using state of art document scanners, capable of fast and bulk scanning, we are able to scan high quality images from wide ranging documents - from small documents to large maps or drawings. Our expertise in document capturing, imaging, indexing, categorization and linking services, coupled with our investments in advanced technologies and solutions (including OCR & ICR solutions), we can help you streamline your paper-intensive business processes to manage them more efficiently.  We can replace manual paper processes with instant online data access.

We can provide both on-site and off-site scanning services for outsourced high-volume document management services. Our cost-effective and high quality EDMS service is scalable and provides you with the option to pay as you use.