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Why Bangladesh as an outsourcing destination?

Outsourcing destination is no doubt a critical component in the outsourcing model, as the decision where to outsource will invariably have an impact on your outsourcing outcome.

As outsourcing costs in traditional countries like China, India and Philippines are rising dramatically, Bangladesh is fast becoming an attractive outsourcing destination as global clients are increasingly looking to diversify their sourcing portfolio. Bangladesh has already made its mark in the global outsourcing market for its cost effectiveness, commitment, and most importantly its professionalism. European Union has already ranked Bangladesh as one of the top 20 outsourcing destinations in the world. Gartner, the global research company on IT sector, has recently placed Bangladesh on its list of top 30 destinations for global IT outsourcing for 2010-11.

Bangladesh posses one of the most attractive population demography in the world - out of the total 160 million populations in Bangladesh, 50% of the population is below 25 years of age! The country is powered by young motivated and passionate workforce with comparatively lower attrition rates.

The significant pool of young, talented and techno savvy work force in Bangladesh is available at a lower wage than India, Philippines, Vietnam and Eastern European Countries. Outsourcing to Bangladesh can have a significant cost advantage, as man hour cost for Bangladesh workforce can be 50% lower than that of Europe and America.
In addition to the low wages, Bangladesh also offers significant cost savings in terms of the cost of infrastructure. Rent for office space in Dhaka (Capital) is below 20% of that in Delhi and 40% of Manila.

State of the art telecommunications infrastructure is supported by extensive fiber optics connectivity across the country. Charges for Internet bandwidth in Bangladesh is currently the lowest in South Asia (almost 50% of that in India).

Geographic location of Bangladesh also provides time zone advantage for European countries, as the half day time difference means that work related queries sent to Bangladesh in the evening can be responded by early morning next day (European time).

The Government of Bangladesh’s vision of Digital Bangladesh by the year 2021 is also providing the necessary impetuous for growth  of the IT outsourcing sector in Bangladesh - as the Government is providing significant budgetary incentives like tax exemptions, duty cuts, etc., to attract more local and foreign investments in the IT sector in Bangladesh. Government has declared Software and IT Services as a ‘High Priority’ export sector.

The unique age demography of Bangladesh, coupled with the low-cost work force and Government’s Incentive for the IT service sector, makes Bangladesh a major player at the global service outsourcing market. Bangladesh is fast emerging as the next major global outsourcing destination!